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YF-SH800/550 non-woven bag soft sealing machine

SH800 / YF - 5.5 non-woven soft hand the ironing machine
The current domestic blank, fill the compared with the traditional manual production efficiency increased 4-6 times, the PLC program control, from the feeding, double, with super rotating, orientation, the action such as computer touch-screen function with optional set with iron and ultrasonic timetable and the width, counting, every minute about 15 production speed and equipment from the market in August 2008, by friends old and new customers.

Main technology parameters min technique date

SH800 Model Model SH550 - YF - YF
Production speed reading speed 18pcs/min (10-10-18pcs/min
Please bring the Length Length of 730mm 400-360-500mm
Please bring the Thickness Thickness of 40 - with 80g (least piece), 40 - with 80g (least piece),
The total power 4kw 4kw Tatai power
500kg 600kg Weight Weight machine machine
Envelop dimensions (L x W takers dimension (H) 1480 x's 15 x x x 1500 1400mm 1400mm 1180